spidey puppet

random sketches of random people

i had to scan these anyway, so i thought i would post them


fisherman puppet continued

mr. fisherman is now all painted, and all replacement mouth shapes + eyelids have been made and painted as well. there is no lip sync in my film, so the mouth shapes are for expressions only. now all that's left to do is clothing, including boots. i'm not entirely sure how to go about those yet, because i still want some bend in his feet. also now that i look at these photos i think i will re-do his eyebrows with more detail instead of just weird misshapen rectangles stuck on his face.

he still needs a name. any suggestions?


puppet making so far

this is the main character in my film, so far i have completed the wire armature, a foam body and sculpey head. the head is removable, slides on and off using brass stock. the next step will be painting, creating different replaceable mouth shapes, and finally clothing.



life drawing is so much more fun when using watercolour!


prince edward island

i did this watercolour while on my road trip out east this summer, and i've been meaning to post it for a while. i spent a couple of days doing absolutly nothing on this beach in north rustico, p.e.i.


hooked: initial design pack

a few pages of characters from my initial design pack for my film.


hooked: concept

a concept piece for my fourth year film.

i want it to have an east coast sort of flair, with the backgrounds being sort of group of seven influenced. i was in st. john's this summer and i loved how many of the houses were so precariously placed on the edge of a cliff. they looked like they were going to collapse into the ocean. that's sort of what i'm going for.


puppet making

guess who!

here's a puppet making step-by-step photo journal!


tiki god

having fun with this...the tiki god version of terry gilliam...he's not quite finished yet. this is only part of something much bigger!!!

old new life drawings

here's some drawings from my final portfolio last semester. i got a digital camera for my birthday so i can finally put them up!!!



watercolour i did while on my mini vacation at home last week


guitar hero

my friends like to play guitar hero.


various rockers

perhaps you recognize them?


more film paintings

after 12 hours straight of sitting in an icky, sweaty lab, trisha and i finally got our group film composited. it's not complete, missing one scene, but it still looks really good, i think. here are a couple of backgrounds used in it...


more painting

here's a little watercolour experiment done for my group film, a collaboration between marion and i